Zone-00 Cosplay : Kisshou by Usagiyakuro

It is Kisshou cosplay from Zone-00 Anime series, if you ever meet with Kisshou you would never know that he was a man, because Kisshou looks like a very cute 14 year old girl, in Zone-00 Anime, Kisshou real name is benio she is a little angel with gold wing.

                                                 Usagiyakuro's WorldCosplay

I just wonder what he's doing behind the police line, I think he's going to get yelled at if he was caught by officers, Cosplayer behind this Zone-00 Cosplay Pictures is the same Cosplayer as the one in Dark Magician Girl Cosplay Picture in the previous post, she is Usagiyakuro, her cuteness on this Zone-00 Cosplay Pictures at 5+ level as Kisshou's cuteness on Zone-00 Anime.

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