Yui Hirasawa Cosplay : K-On Anime Cosplay

A cute girl, love to eat, childish, play Gita (a Gibson Les Paul), and the main vocalist in the light music club, who else is except Yui Hirasawa from K-On! Anime, Hirasawa Yui is clumsy and Easily spaces out most of the time, she had a sister named Ui who is very mature and acts as the "older sister" who always keep Yui and keeping her in line xD (well sometime thing like that happened).

                                                 Izumi's DeviantArt

Hirasawa Yui has shoulder-length brown hair with two yellow hair clips, just like on this Yui Hirasawa Cosplay Pictures, would be really cool if i could Seeing Izumi Lee Cosplaying as Yui playing with her guitar while she perform in stage, because her appearance Yui Hirasawa Cosplay picture already looks like a real Yui Hirasawa.

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