Wedding Dress Boa Hancock Cosplay by Kisakiurumi

This is a Cosplay of a very arrogant pirate empress, she is powerful, super beautiful, always demeaning others and for any mistake she did the world will always forgive her, she is Pirates Empress Boa Hancock from One Piece anime series, only one thing can mollify Boa Hancock hard heart, Pirate King Mugiwara Luffy (still in prosses :P).

Japanese Cosplayer Kisakiurumi is the cosplayer behind this Wedding Dress Boa Hancock Cosplay, is she really going to get married with Luffy!? damn Luffy you're so lucky. although I've never seen Boa Hancock wearing wedding dress at One Piece Anime, but in this Boa Hancock Cosplay Pictures...Kisakiurumi was show us how beautiful she is in wedding dress.

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