Venus Cosplay : Metal Gear Acid 2

I have this cool Metal Gear Acid 2 cosplay image for Metal Gear game series lovers. The character's name is Venus and Crystal Graziano has been brought her to life in this Venus Cosplay : Metal Gear Acid 2 picture, Venus was a female soldier who operated alongside the mercenary Snake, SaintLogic during the incident, with all her abilities Venus become the latest model of SaintLogic's Supersoliders.

                                                   Crystal's Facebook

Crystal Graziano once again has made ​​me fall in love with Game Cosplay, she always looks perfect with awesome real-look prop, with high detailed, and her beautiful western face. though I'm not a big fan of the Metal Gear Game series but I know how cool this Venus Cosplay : Metal Gear Acid 2 picture are. see also this FireFall Online Cosplay picture.

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