Tira Cosplay : SOUL CALIBUR V Game

Tira is a playable character in all the Soul Calibur Fighting Games Series (not only in Soul Calibur V games), she was a beautiful girl who has an pink-Purple eye with Teal colored hair, she use a ring blade that big enough to cut everything when she fights, her fighting Style in Soul Calibur Game looks more like she was dancing than fighting.

                                                 Mussum's WorldCosplay

Althought in this Tira Cosplay Picture Mussum looks too cute as her, but she still looks cool with that badass Ring Blade, i love the detail on her Tira Cosplay Costume though its slightly different from the real one, beside that her High Heel seems different too...well thats not a big deal, Mussum still look impressive and awesome in this Tira Cosplay : SOUL CALIBUR V Game picture.

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