Remilia Scarlet Cosplay by Miya

Remilia Scarlet is the final boss of the The Touhou Project game series, although her behavior and appearance looks like a little girl but she has a Sacary powerful magic power, like most other vampire, Remilia Scarlet also weak to sunlight, so if you want to date her you better don't take a walk in the park during the day time.

                                Miya's WorldCosplay

Maybe you should look at this Aries Cosplay picture first, to remind you how cute the cosplayer on this Remilia Scarlet Cosplay pictures, she is Miya, she cosplaying as Remilia Scarlet from Toho Koumakyo Game the seventh series of  The Touho Project Game series, although I've never played this game and character but I know how good this Remilia Scarlet Cosplay picture are.

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