Mugiwara Luffy Cosplay : One Piece Anime

After Uchiha Itachi Cosplay from Naruto anime, let's move to the naruto's neighboring anime, One Piece Anime, the scene in this One Piece Cosplay photo is so nostalgic, reminds me of a very glommy day when the coolest character in the One Piece anime Dead, Mugiwara Luffy comes to Ace's tomb for shar a rum after his death two years ago.

Dark touch on that first One Piece Cosplay picture makes everything more dramatic, and in the second One Piece Cosplay picture, it's aesthetically more like a friendship monument, tomb of Prtgase D Ace and Whitebeard, and also three caps of three childhood friendship, Mugiwara Luffy, Portgase  D Ace, and Shabo. I heard Shabo still alive!? is that true? well this is cool mugiwara Luffy Cosplay by Deicn911

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