Mariko Shinoda Cosplay AKB48

This is Mariko Shinoda Cosplay photo members of famous Idol Group in Japan, AKB48, she is the member that got me in love with AKB48, yea ... she is my Oshi. after she failed the 1st generation she didn't giveup and worked in the cafe at the AKB48 theater (but very popular among fans). Akimoto gave her the chance to become a member in term she had to learn 12 song and dance in a 4 day.

                                                 Hiko's WorldCosplay                                               

Mariko Shinoda made ​​it and become the first non generation member "1.5 generation", but sadly she grade this year and her last perform on July 22 at AKB48 theater :( in this Mariko Shinoda Cosplay picture Hiko wear AKB48 costume for Flying Get single (Furaingu Getto), I love that song and how Hiko looks so beautiful with that costume. i think she's pretty similar to Mariko Shinoda ^^.

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