Mariko Shinoda Cosplay : AKB48 by HIKO

Still remember with this Mariko Cosplay Pictures, now we can see another Mariko Shinoda Cosplay by Hiko, Mariko Shinoda is a former member of AKB48 and before her grade she is the captain of team A. until now I have not found a replacement Mariko Shinoda as my Oshi, she was irreplaceable.

                                                 Hiko's WorldCosplay

In the previous Mariko Shinoda Cosplay Pictures Hiko cosplaying as Mariko with costume of Flaying Get single, and this time she's wearing costume of my favorite single and song "RIVER" AKB48 looks really cool with River, but for RIVER single, (AKB48's sister group from Indonesia) JKT48 look twice cooler when they bring RIVER in to live performance.

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