Karuta Roromiya Cosplay by Izumi

Karuta Roromiya is one of the protagonist characters in the Inu x Boku SS anime series, she is a Gashadokuro (large skeleton made ​​from the bone of people dead from starvation) which has a human body, Though she Appears to be "zoned out "most of the time in anime, she was actually a cheerful girl, smart and loves to eat (we can see Pocky in this Karuta Roromiya Cosplay picture as proof ^^).

                                                 Izumi's DeviantArt

In this Karuta Roromiya Cosplay picture Izumi looks perfectly fit with that pink hair and a maid's costume, beside that her round eyes looks same as Karuta Roromiya eyes on the anime. I think Izumi would also look very fit if she cosplay as Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono anime, visit her deviantart for more her cosplay photo.

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