Tsunade Cosplay photo 01

One more perfect Tsunade Cosplay photo, I think many cosplayer looks so perfect when they plays as Tsunade, as well with this one. she is the 5th Hokage in Konoha Gakure, she was appointed after the Sandaime (third Hokage) dead, at the begining she to had refused but for some reason (I forget whats that) she finally agreed to become the fifth Hokage.

In here, the cosplayer looks very pretty and perfect as Tsunade, I just can't imagine if she Release her Strength Seal and turned into an old lady (with only imagine it was kinda creepy), i think Cosplayer face was familiar but I completely forgot what her name and where i saw her before, if you know something about this Tsunade Cosplay photo please comment below.

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