Succubus Cosplay : Mabinogi Heroes

This is a cosplay of my favorite Dungeon Boss in the game Mabinogi Heroes Online (this Succubus Cosplay photo by Malaysian Cosplayer Aivy Yin), Mabinogi Heroes also known as Vindictus Online in Europe and NA. Succubus is a very sexy female boss in Secret Naughty Chamber's mission, she will only appear if you come alone, when you enter her room, she will come near you from her bed with a seductive and naughty style but deadly.

In this Succubus Cosplay Picture Aivy wearing a Succubus costume that is still intact, in the game you can break any part of her armor, her mask and hat, her cool jacket even his white shirt, and the many other thing until only a small cloth covering her body, but certainly not easy to subdue her, hey ... look at her super huge scythe, that deal a super big  damage combined with her rapid movement you will lose all your HP in an instant.

The good news is, she likes to suck your HP directly as in this Succubus Cosplay Picture by Miyo :D (I often deliberately let her to do it). well I really love with this Mabinogi Heroes Cosplay, Aivy have a very similar Succubus Cosplay costume to the real costume in game, and that looks very detailed.

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