Stocking Cosplay by Rinto Tocchi

Cosplay from one of anarchy Sister, Stocking, unlike her older sister whose only interests are looking for men to sleep with, she level-headed than her sister Panty, but she can be just as rude as her sister when angry. she uses stockings that can be turned into two Katana as a weapon (called Stripe I, and stripe II), and she really love her cat doll named Honekoneko.

                                Rinto Tocchi WorldCosplay

Its very sweet Stocking Cosplay picture,  I think Rinto Tocchi fits perfectly with Gothic style like that, and what she did to Honekoneko in that last Stocking Cosplay picture makes me a little jealous. hey Honekoneko, quickly switch places with me <3.

Cosplayer : Rinto Tocchi
Character : Stocking
Tittle : Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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