Sankarea Cosplay photo by Mon

Sankarea is the main character of the anime with same name, at the beginning of the story she is a young girl who fell off a cliff and die, eh? ... How could she become a main character if she's dead!? yea ... she's back to alive as a Zombie, she has long black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes, such a pretty girl. After her zombification her skin almost entirely white and her eyes Become a crimson red, looks even more prettier for me ^^.

In the first Sankarea Cosplay picture, she was in the clift where she fell, its filled with violet flower just like in anime (its always a creepy looking girl covered in blood). and in the second Sankarea Cosplay picture, we can see a cute Sankarea before she turned into a zombie.

Cosplayer : Mon
Character : Sankarea
Tittle : Sanka Rea Anime

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