Ringo Noyamano Cosplay by Tocchi

Ringo Noyamano is an ordinary high school girl (at least she looks ordinary) she is smart girl, kind and helpful to others, she will do best if she is asked for help by someone else, but behind the kind nature,  she is the leader of the legendary Sleeping Forest and also one of AT King, a thorn Road King, who knew no mercy when facing with her enemies.

                                Rinto Tocchi WorldCosplay                               

The first Ringo Noyamano Cosplay photo is my favorite picture, I do not know what happened to her left pants, but Tocchi looks very cool with that half long pants (its called fashion right ^^). I hope I can see Ringo Noyamano Cosplay by Rinto Tocchi when she flew beautifuly with her Air Track.

Cosplayer : Rinto Tocchi
Character : Ringo Noyamano
Tittle : Air Gear Anime

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