Pretty Tachibana Kanade Cosplay by Mon

Well yea Mon again ^^, this time she was cosplaying as one of the student of "Afterlife School" and a School's Student Council President, Kanade Tachibana, Kanade is a girl with long silver hair, with golden eyes, she wears a uniform Afterlife School a white petticoats under the skirt. you can see rest her appearance in this Pretty Tachibana Kanade Cosplay picture, later used by the group's leader Yuri Nakamura to refer to her after discovering her unusual abilities.

I really like falling feather on this Pretty Tachibana Kanade Cosplay pictures, Although her wings not a real prop but it looks very cool and pretty, but I think she has a feather loss problem ^^ Kanade need to buy anti feather-loss shampoo, so that her wings feather are not too fall.

Cosplayer : Mon
Character : Tachibana Kanade
Tittle : Angel Beats!

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