Perfect Boa Hancock Cosplay by Kisakiurumi

Cosplay of Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, everyone agrees she is the prettiest and the most beautiful girl in the world and no man can resist her beauty (well except Luffy), Boa Hancock has an arrogant and selfish nature, she will do whatever she want, because the world would forgive every fault she did because she is beautiful, AGREE! beauty is important thing, but not everything ;)

                                              Kisakiurumi WorldCosplay

I know you agree that this Boa Hancock Cosplay is perfect, Kisakiurumi sweet face, nice body posture, background made ​​exactly like being on the women island Kuja tribe and that real life snakes, what else do you need to say this "Perfect Boa Hancock Cosplay by Kisakiurumi" picture is perfect?

Cosplayer : Kisakiurumi
Character : Boa Hancock (Hebihime)
Tittle : One Piece Anime 

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