Nami Cosplay by MCM

I found this Hot Nami Cosplay picture on the internet last night, Nami is a member of the straw hat pirates Luffy and she is my idol character in One Piece after Boa Hancock at first place, she's smart (and slightly sneaky ^^) and of course she's hot, as hot as this Nami Cosplay pictures, i think the Cosplayers playing as Nami after two years times skip since she has a long hair.

Nami has orange long and wavy hair and looks like a "Like now day hairstyles trend" I think everything exist in OnePiece world include a beauty salon for the ledies. and the most I love from this Hot Nami Cosplay  Photo is her pose (I'm sure you agree), but too bad, I don't know whos the Cosplayer names, but there is MCM world in the picture I'm not sure but maybe it's from the MCM Expo in london.

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