Nagito Komaeda Cosplay by Ryuichi Randoll

One more cosplay from Dangan Ronpa anime characters, this time is Nagito Komaeda Cosplay by Ryuichi to show off, Komaeda has a long dark green coat that goes down past his knees, and the rest of his appearance can be seen in this cosplay photo, she has a little bit messy white hair (or extremely messy) with a light gray eyes, and He wears a plain white shirt with a strange red symbol on it.

Ryuichi Randoll looks very identical to Nagito and can describe his overall appearance, tall slim body, the eyes are a little suspicious, even his hair equally scruffy to the original, but there is one thing missing from this Nagito Komaeda Cosplay  picture ... I don't see there is the same polite smile as Nagito here, Ngito usually has a polite smile on his face ^^.

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