Kakashi Cosplay by Suki

Oppa Naruto Style!! I think Gangnam Style fever reached the Konoha village already, and since Kakashi  Sensei and Orochimaru both like Gangnam Style now they look very friendly and decided to take a photoshoot together, on this Kakashi Cosplay photo they even imitating embarrassing scene in the elevator like this ಠ_ಠ.


I always laugh every time I see their expression, Orochimaru seemed to really enjoy being in Top position while Kakashi seems to be no problem, he always enjoyed his role (Top down oke!). The cosplayer behind this Kakashi Cosplay photo is Suki, and Orochimaru by Buuhou, I really like this cosplay photo.

I actually liked Kakashi character because he's cool, but I swear! he is no longer my favorite character after seeing this Kakashi Cosplay photo Lol. by the way Nice Suit Guys! :D

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