Cana Alberona Cosplay by Diacita

Hot Cana Alberona Cosplay by Diacita, Cana is one of the wizards in the Fairy Tail guild, even though she was not too impressive in magic (she is card magic user) but she is very strong when it comes to drink, no matter how much she drank she was never drunk, I think only one person who managed to beat Cana on drinking, Baccus! no one thought cana will lose from Baccus, and after he beat her, he took Cana's bra as a trophy (the best Tropy EVER!!).

Speaking of bras, Cana wearing a blue bra same as on the photo, the cosplayer name behind this Cana Alberona Cosplay photo is Diacita, when viewed from any aspect, she looks quite similar to Cana, especially her body posture, maybe, only her hair less similar because I think Cana's hair is not that long. and You!! ... yes You@!, ... under age please leave this Page! xD

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