Boa Hancock Cosplay by Kousaka

Lately I often post about One Piece Cosplay photo, of course it will not complete without a Cosplay of pirate queen Boa Hancock, Kousaka presenting a beautiful Boa Hancock cosplay , graceful and alluring, not bad as a girl who was mentioned as most beautiful girl in the world (One Piece) and I'm sure Kousaka can conquer any man as Boa did.

                                                Kousaka's fanpage

In this Boa Hancock Cosplay, Boa Hancock was seen enjoying the day around Kuja luxurious palace, lying in bed while enjoying wine (already empety tho), walk outside enjoying the day, and relax on the couch, although Kousaka not too much like Boa I ever imagined, but she looks equally sexy and sweet as Boa Hancock, and she has a beautiful black hair. love it.

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