Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay by Mon

The main female character of the Aria the Scarlet Ammo Anime series, Aria is a cute girl with appearance like a little girl, but don't try to mess with her, she can take you down with her eyes closed, because she can use four weapons at once in a fight, two swords and two gun, that's why she got "Quadra" tittle and what can you do?  I'm a dual wielder too (i can use spoon and fork at same time).

Sweet Moe face, cute body posture, and adorable gaze, what else is needed to be an Aria character? yea ... this is a perfect Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay picture for me, but personally, my favorite picture is Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay in action that I've posted before, Here.

Cosplayer : Mon
Character : Aria Holmes Kanzaki
Tittle : Aria the Scarlet Ammo

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