Announcement: Kaika says pause


Hi guys ! I'm not sure if any of you noticed that TCC had been pretty slow in updates the past year or so. If you didn't notice then great! That means I've done a great job masking the fact but if you did then please accept my humble apologies .... NOT!

*gets bricked by readers*

Okay I mean yeah, I'm sorry the contents TCC have been dishing out this year have been limited and definitely not as creative as I'd like them to be. I have legit reasons to justify that but then again, this blog is just a hobby so I guess there's no need for me to explain *sticks tongue out Haruhi style*

*gets bricked again*

Either way, I'm in the midst of taking a break and relooking at the direction this blog shall move towards in the future. I also decided I want to realign my passion towards Anime and Cosplay. I have gained a lot from this blog and i would be naive to not be aware that people like my blog than my cosplay >D

So yes, while this blog is an important literary outlet for me to share cosplay to the world but I've also come to realise that I still love Cosplay very very much and would like to dedicate more time to that instead of gluing myself to the computer.

Hi guys, Kaika is taking a break from TheCosplayChronicles. She will be back in around a week, maybe more, maybe less. Either way, please fill up the questionnaire below to let her know what you would like to see. Please comment to further elaborate and explain your selection choice and…. if nobody responds that means nobody reads this and Kaika can go on a longer holiday >D


online polls

Kaika is still active on facebook & Twitter so pop over there if you want to see what she’s wasting her time on \0/.

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