Alice Madness Returns Cosplay by Alicexliddell

The first time I came across this image in Google search, I was immediately interested to see more and more, which makes me love the most in this Alice Madness Returns Cosplay is the contrast in the image, the color blue was shine in the black and white vintage background, it makes this Alice Madness Returns Cosplay very beautiful and make Alice a shining star here, although a little bit creepy she was carrying a bloody knife (well that my Alice :D).

Other than that I think Alicexliddell not wear a wig here, that sometimes make cosplay picture feels awkward and less natural, her hair basically is already similar to Alice's hair, the cosplayer name is alicexliddell though I don't think it's her real name, you can see more of her work on her deviantart page.

Alicexliddell Dev Page :

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