What is your Cosplay Pet Peeve?

I may be a cosplayer but I also have my share of cosplay pet peeves. I don't do this often, not on my private fb and not even in RL. But I have to admit, i find it slightly annoying when someone goes on & on asking "What is cosplay? Can I eat it?".

Yes it's a meme but its also my pet peeve LOL. What's yours? ‪#‎cosplaypetpeeve‬

Look at what other people have already said on TCC’s Facebook page!

*Disclaimer: In case this comes across as an elitist statement /hate encouraging or anything awful like this, let me just say … it is not. I’m just starting this discussion for fun, to get an idea of what pisses people off and what rocks their boat. There is no right nor wrong.

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