Rin Matsuoka Cosplay by Zeiz

This is Rin Matsuoka Cosplay...a handsome swimer character from Free! anime. the cosplayer name is Zeiz, at the first time i saw this Rin Matsuoka Cosplay i think the cosplayer is a guy, but when i check her profile, Zeiz is a cute thailand girls but i think she's cross dresser/coser in many of her cosplay photo she cosplaying as a male character.

Rin Matsuoka is one of the main character of the anime series Free! and the light novel High☆ Speed!.He swims for Samezuka Academy and is a rival of Haruka's, Rin is a tall young man with semi-long brownish red hair, he has red eyes and shark-like teeth. well Although Zeiz is a girl i think on this Rin Matsuoka Cosplay photo she look perfect enough as Rin. well i got this Rin Matsuoka Cosplay photo by Zeiz from her worldcosplay page.

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