Rei Ayanami Cosplay by Unknown Coser

When browsing something i found this great Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo by Unknown Coser, Rei Ayanami is the First Child, and the pilot of Unit 00. she is shown to be socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and remote, with her only apparent relationship being with Gendo Ikari. As the series progresses, she and Shinji grow closer. and be friend with Asuka, It is eventually revealed that Rei is a vessel for the soul of the Angel Lilith.

Although the cosplayer seems more maturer from Rei Ayanami but on this Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo she really fits as Ayanami, i think her expression is the best part of this Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo, one more thing that looks awesome here is her cosplay costume that looks real enough and nice detailed, beside that i really love her hair. well if you know about who's the cosplayer behind this great Rei Ayanami Cosplay photo please comment below and let me know ^^. thanks.

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