Perfect Temari Cosplay by Unknown Coser

I really love this Temari Cosplay photo although i don't know the Cosplayer name, i can said its almost perfect Temari Cosplay photo, the cosplayer body posture, her eyes and expression looks really fits as Temari personality beside that her Cosplay costume has been made well with a nice detailed too, but the most i love from this Temari Cosplay photo is her Hair...i know that a wig but OMG! look at her, that really cool and look like a real one.

Well there is Shikamaru Cosplay photo too, but its always more interesting to comment about a girl coser ^^" actually Shikamaru Cosplayer looks like a girl too but not sure tho. they both looks great on this Temari Cosplay photo especially their expression, but one thing that make this Temari Cosplay photo looks real alive, is the background that really looks like konoha, i even feel like i can see Naruto's favorites ramen stand XD. Impressive Naruto Cosplay.

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