Nidalee Cosplay Photo by Lolcos

Well I don’t know much about coser behind this sweet Nidalee Cosplay photo, but I believe Lolcos is the man behind this Nidalee Cosplay photograph, although she should be a black and not asia but the coser got same body posture (I think she’s hoter than Original Nidalee ^^”)…mm..whatever let’s call this is Asian version of Nidalee.

Nidalee is one of League of Legends champion, when she was a child she can survive life in dangerous forest (after their family lost their way in the dense) she grew and somehow absorbed the reaw magic of the dense wilds. Well If you like this “Asian Version” of Nidalee Cosplay Photo I think you also might love this Nidalee Cosplay Photography by one of SPCat girls Tasha.

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