Nami Cosplay Photo by Kisakiurumi

There is 3 character on this Nami Cosplay photo, Robin from Alabasta Arc, Boa Hancock with her original Cheongsam, and Nami Cosplay from One Piece Z the movie,  Nami wearing a cute war suit from One Piece Z i think everything looks great here, cute nami with a nice wig that look real enough, and also nice detailed cosplay costume. 

In this Nami Cosplay everything done great except i think her cloth too big for a child size, i mean...nami wore this "child Nami" clote when her body's back, so i think it should be more tighter than that :D, i forgot from where i got this Nami Cosplay photo by Kisakiurumi, beside that i really don't know whos the cosplayer behind Robin and Boa Hancock cosplay. 

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