Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay by Ten

The coser behind this Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay photo is Ten, overall everything on this Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay look perfect for me, Ten really perfectly look like a real Uzumaki Kushina, I mean…look at her. She is so pretty with that red/violet hair, I really love her expression that look like a real mother, soft and warm eyes.

Beside that I really enjoying lighting on this Kushina Uzumaki Cosplayphoto (although that just photo’s effect) but Kushina Uzumaki look like an angel with that light effect, Kushina Uzumaki is Naruto’s mother, she got pretty red hair and a great chakra that even more than enough chakra to seal Kyubii, the Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay photo by ten that posted on this MyAnimeGirls.blogspot.com are from Ten’s WorldCosplay page.

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