Kawaii Death Note Cosplay by 27dnkiddy

Kawaii Misa Amane Cosplay XD, i never imagine they will be this cute when they was a kiddy, especially Misa Amane on this Death Note Cosplay photo, her smile made me wanna catch her and put her inside my aquarium Lol kidding. but i think Misa Amane Cosplay normal size (age) also looks kawaii, you can found Original Misa Amane Cosplay photo.

Not just Misa that looks kawaii here, Ligh Yagami and L aslo looks cute, i just did't understand why they must fight and become enemy in Death Note Anime, they looks like a good friend on this Kawaii Death Note Cosplay photo (and i love them in this way ^^"). well they really looks really fit as the character they playing, i feel like they are real Misa, Light and L. sadly i really don't know whos that 3 Kawaii coser behind this Death Note Cosplay photo by 27dnkiddy.

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