Karuta Roromiya Cosplay : by Mon

After cosing as Christa Renz (from Singeki No Kyojin) now we can see Mon on her Karuta Roromiya Cosplay from Inu X Boku SS anime series, well i don’t know much about this anime... so let’s skip about this anime prologue, if you want to know about this anime just find out by yourself OK!, well...as well as her Shingeki No Kyojin Cosplay she also look great and Super Kawaii on this Karuta Roromiya Cosplay photo.

One thing that i know from Karuta Roromiya is,..she love Pocky, because in most Karuta Roromiya Cosplayphoto we’ll always see Pocky there, well Mon really look kawaii with that maid Costume and pinky hair, i don’t know how fits Mon as Karuta Roromiya but if you asking how kawaii she is? She got 8 from 10 (from me :D), i still have her Karuta Roromiya Cosplay photo but i’ll save that for next post. I got this Karuta Cosplay by Mon from her worldCosplay page. KawaiiI~~ 

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