Eren Jaeger Cosplay by Mari

Its urban Eren Jaeger Cosplay photo version, they really can fight in style now XD i really love their jacket its so shine and cool, the cosplayer behind this Funky Eren Jaeger Cosplay photo is Japanese Cosplayer girls Mari, i think this is my first time i post her cosplay photo, and unfortunately i don't know who's the cosplayer behind Revai Cosplay. 

Actually they both really looks fits as the character they playing, although they still have 3D manouver gear but i doubt they can kill titan with that MP5 (or what ever that SMG name =,="), well i think this is the best Eren Jaeger Cosplay photo (by Coser girls) so far, Mari looks really fits as eren and she was manage to create a handsome Eren Jaeger (well too handsome). since when i saw girl cosplaying  as Eren they always looks too cute. well i got this Eren  Jaeger Cosplay photo by Mari from her worldcosplay page.

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