Christa Renz Cosplay by AZA

Time for cute Christa Renz Cosplay photo by AZA, Christa Renz is one of the female member of Racoon Corp on Singeki No Kyojin anime, most trainee soldier will avoiding to join Racoon Corp because Racoon Corp is the first corp that will fight titan in titan's teritories  its almost like suicide.

But unlike her appearance (that looks weak with soft and kind personality ^^ ~ she looks like God, angel, and make Reiner wanna marry her Lol ) Christa Renz have a big gut to join Racoon Corp,.

like i said before on Eren Jaeger Cosplay by her, AZA will look even more fits and kawaii when shes cosplaying as Christa Renz, that not just because she is cute but also Aza looks really fits with Christa Renz Personality. you can see that on This Christa Renz Cosplay by AZA, as always Aza did great on her Cosplay costume and also her hair seems natural enough. well i got this Christa Renz Cosplay photo by Aza from her worldcosplay page.  

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