Cosplay FML Moment #04

One of the reasons why I absolutely hate talking Cosplay to Non-Cosplayers/ Animanga fans.

Erza Scarlet cosplay 15 : DAFUQ IS THAT by ~LadyNoa

* After knowing you Cosplay, they immediately asks *

Person A : So what’s your most successful Cosplay?

Me: (thought to self: “ Dafug?!??! Why are you asking this?? Does it matter whether is it successful or not ? Cosplay is about paying tribute to the characters you like! It’s not a beauty pageant and I’m not trying to show off when I tell you I cosplay!

… And even if I tell you the name you wouldn’t even know! ” )

Me:  …. erm

Person A: *waiting for an answer*

Me: Erm…. –inserts random Anime/Manga name that are NOT Sailormoon or Dragonball -

Person A: …Oh I see.  *Obviously doesn’t know and probably doesn’t really care*

Seriously, is it JUST me TAT !? Share your experience with us in the comments section below now T___T!!!

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