Vindictus Cosplay : Miyo as Succubus

Vindictus Cosplay : Miyo as Succubus Gallery

         If you are Vindictus Online fans (Mabinogi Heroes for Korean) You must be familiar with this one succubus character, in this cosplay photo the coser name is Miyo she cosplaying as my favorites Dungeon Boss monster here, Noughty Chamber Boss called Succubus, i love to Break off her armor before i kill her XD so she will look more sexier when she dead Lol (JK though i did that sometime). beside succubus we can see Incubus cosplay too here, but i think he's not character from Mabinogi Heroes.

         I was not really sure, Miyo cosplaying as Succubus or Incubus in this Vidictus cosplay but i dont really care ^^" they both look really amazing here (especially succubus cosplay) that look like a real one on the game, in the first and second picture, succubus was lose her mask and jacket (well done incubus ^^), i think incubus surrender to succubus's "DeathKiss skill" (i always lets her did that to me in game XD ~after all armor breakoff ofc) well check this another Vindictus Cosplay, and i got this Vindictus Cosplay : Miyo as Succubus from her deviantArt page.

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