Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay : Naruto & Minato

Another sweet Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay photo, unlike my previous Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay post, this time Kushina look more mature and she already has Naruto, they really enjoying their time as happy family though i think This is nothing more than just Naruto's wishful, well the coser behind this sweet mature Kushina Uzumaki Cosplay photo is Aguri, she look sweet and fits enough as Kushina (though her face is not mature enough to have children as old as naruto on this photo ^^.

One more thing...i guess Minato and Naruto using Henge No Jutsu to make them look different in 4th picture ^^", well they all really made a nice lively Naruto Cosplay photo here, however i don't know their name (all i believe is they all are girls) except Minato in 4th pictures.

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