Saya Cosplay Photography as Maria Kurenai

Saya Cosplay Photography as Maria Kurenai Gallery

Saya Cosplay Photography as Maria Kurenai character from Vampire Knight anime series, i read the Vampire Knight manga but stoped in books 3 xD, well this is good manga and story but i dont really like the draw style on this manga, Vampire Knight is a shōjo manga and anime series written by Matsuri Hino, in this Saya Cosplay Photography, she cosplaying as Maria Kurenai, she is a vampire and very distant relative of Shizuka Hio. She allows Shizuka to possess her body in exchange for being allowed to drink Shizuka's blood, which would strengthen her weak body, i already compare this Saya Cosplay Photography with Maria Kurenai Picture on the internet, and i think Saya seem fit as Maria Kurenai, thoug i dont think saya expression on this cosplay photo cant represent Maria Kurenai ^^, beside that her hair seem similar enough with Kurenai hair though i think that was different color, and as always I really love saya's smile, she has very sweet smile who always made me miss her :/, i got this Saya Cosplay photography from, this is sweet Saya Cosplay as Maria Kurenai from Vampire Knight.

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