One Piece Cosplay Photography : Strawhat Pirates

One Piece Cosplay Photography : Strawhat Pirates Gallery

One Piece Cosplay Photography : Strawhat Pirates cosplay by random awesome people :D, this time i got One Piece Cosplay photo random from internet and i dont know their name too, i just know the first two One Piece cosplay photo, in one picture the cosplay photo by Tewibewi, and i got that One Piece Cosplay photo from her deviantArt page, its soo nostalgic to see Going Merry again ^^ i kinda miss that old ship, (wait...thats not going marry lol) and in the second picture there is a Luffy's crew (zoro, luffy, usop, nami and chopper) in classic mafia cloth :D that cloth remindme with godfather XD, and i saw their wearing that cloth in manga cover but i dont remember what chapter is that and i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo from 42510611's DeviantArt page (im sure that number is not the cosplayer name XD) well the rest picture looks awesome too, but sad i dont know whos the cosplayer behind that One Piece Cosplay photo, (like i said i took that from random site XD) well its great One Piece Cosplay photo, im not intending to claim any cosplay photo posted here, most of them i found from internet :D and all credit goes to the right owner of that photo, well i love this One Piece Cosplay!.

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