How to Cosplay: Make a one piece dress

Edit: Some of you might have realise this video was down for a day. I found out earlier there was a fatal error in one of the teaching point ( drafting of the waist length). While I could correct the mistake with annotations, I understand some people close their annotations off and I didn't want to risk anyone screwing up their costumes ... so I made the amendments and re-uploaded the video =\.

This is the reason why it always takes me so long to complete a tutorial video. If I slip one step, this is what happens.

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Probably one of the most usable dressmaking pattern for female cosplays. A basic one piece dress that can be modified into a variety of costumes.

With this pattern, I’ve done my default Makoto Kikuchi (Idol Master) costume, Homura Akemi (PMMM) , Eclair (Kiddy Grade), Simca (Air Gear)  and even Mogami Kyoko’s (SKIP BEAT) Love Me overalls.


P/s: I have an entry for making Homura Akemi’s costume here.


It was SO DIFFICULT to edit this video. I actually filmed it in May 2012 but was so busy with life that I couldn’t finish it before 2012. One of the biggest reason for the delay was most notably, the dying of my computers. First my PC, then my netbook, then my PC again –_-. Not to mention this tutorial was so complicated and Windows Movie Makers kept dying on me , it took me an afternoon to record the voice over=_=.

Anyway, I’ll end my complains and wish all of you good luck with your next cosplays! Remember to leave me a comment, subscribe to my Youtube and like TheCosplayChronicles on Facebook. You don’t know how much each comments & likes means to me.

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