Arisa Cosplay Photography as Rena Ryuugu

Arisa Cosplay Photography as Rena Ryuugu Gallery

This is another Arisa Cosplay Photography as Rena Ryuugu character from When Cicadas Cry anime, i already post Rena Ryuugu cosplay photography by saya before but this time we got another version of Rena Ryuugu Cosplay photo by Arisa (Rena by Saya looks more mature), Well Arisa has kawaii type face i mean she got cute face type like Kipi and Neneko, so she will looks fits and cute when she cosplaying as cute type character like Rena Ryuugu, in this Arisa Cosplay photography she wearing black costume and i think the cosplay costume material using latex or something like that, Arisa looks great with that, beside she looks cute but she also looks hawt with on it ^^ the cosplay costume has been made with nice detailed (though i dont know how that costume look like on the anime version), another thing sweet on this Arisa Cosplay photography is the red ballon has nice contrast with the white background, thats made this Arisa Cosplay looks more colorfull, well i got this Arisa Cosplay Photography from Cosrain.

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