Aira Cosplay Photography : Sheryl Nome

Aira Cosplay Photography : Sheryl Nome Gallery

Aira Cosplay Photography : Sheryl Nome character from Macross Frontier anime series, Aira is one of the best cosplayer in the world (i guess :D) since she did so many great cosplay photography and probably she is one of my favorites coser, this is not my first time i post Aira Cosplay Photography as Shery Nome but this is my first time i saw Aira looks so pretty and has innocent looks beside that she looks so plain, well i think thats because her cosplay costume, the photograph looks so clean and neat the lighting has been set well with utilizing natural light in the room, but i think its need more contrast between wall background and the sofa, however i love this Aira Cosplay Photography, and i got this Aira Cosplay Photography from Cosrain, so if you wanna see more Aira Cosplay photography you can go to Aira facebook page, or wait till i post her cosplay photography next time ^^.

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