Sakuya Cosplay Photography as Nyarlathotep

Sakuya Cosplay Photography as Nyarlathotep Gallery

Another nice Sakuya Cosplay photo, this time she cosplaying as Nyarlathotep character from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san anime series, actually i dont really like when Sakuya Cosplay with very minimalize cosplay costume that made her seem different from the character she cosplaying, but on this Sakuya Cosplay photo, she really did great to make Nyarlathotep look pretty, although she still look different as Nyarlathotep which i have ever imagine, beside that Sakuya got different face characteristic that made her not fits enough as Nyarlathotep, well i got this Sakuya Cosplay photography from, i think i gonna post more of her cosplay photography next time, its really sweet Sakuya Cosplay Photography.

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