Interview with Sakura Tange (Seiyuu of Kinomoto Sakura)

With thanks to the wonderful organising committee of SMASH (Sydney Manga and Anime Show ), I had the great chance to meet and interview the voice of Kinomoto Sakura; Sakura Tange! It was such a fan girl moment for Peggy and myself and we felt so blown away by her talent and niceness !
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Special thanks to Reiko for helping me transcript the entire interview! I hope this interview gives you and insight into the life of a Seiyuu and the voice behind Kinomoto Sakura!
Kaika: Hi, nice to meet you Tange-San .

Tange: Nice to meet you too.

Kaika: It’s so nice to meet the voice of Sakura Kinomoto, it’s something we both grew up watching.

Tange: Ah~ Thank you~

Kaika: I hope you are enjoying Australia very much

Tange: Yes yes. Ah, I only just came to Australia today (I’m going to be saying this in Japanese), I have been shown around and I really come to like it! Although this is my first time.

Kaika: I see I see, ok. My first question to you will be like, you are very well-known for your extremely cheerful and positive “genki” voice; so does it come naturally for you? Or do you have to get yourself into the mood, or what happens when you happen to be in a totally different mood?

Tange: Ahh I think maybe what the two of you saw of me is as Sakura… I actually put work on hold for 10 years, if you two have heard me it must have been works before 2000… from 10 years ago right?

Kaika: Yeah.

Tange: Before 2002, it is quite true to say that I have been voicing for characters with very high tension(high/hyper) or those very hesitant characters who tend to be very quiet and withdrawn…

Tange: Put in Japanese, they wld be like “junior/kouhai” characters (as opposed to senior/senpai”, younger characters, or little sister character…

Kaika: Yeaaaahhhh

Tange: I used to do those characters, 2009? When I came back to this line, my first series was a game called Love Plus (can’t really hear after this…)
Interpreter: After 10 years of blank, she released another one on 2009… you guys were watching her before 2000, but she released another (book?) in 2009, and it’s a game called Love Plus. Do you know Love Plus?

Kaika: ….. ?

Tange: Ah, then do you know Tokimeki Memorial? It’s a Love Simulation game also produced by KONAMI.

Kaika: Oh yes.

Tange: The love simulation game that represents the Showa era is Tokimeki Memorial, but at this point of time, the SIM game that represents the current Heisei era is Love Plus.

Tange: So the producer who did the casting said, because your voice has a very strong lil-sis character image, you, as the owner of that voice, have the possibility of becoming the general Japanese population’s lil-sis character, so he casted me.

Tange: Yes yes, because 10 years ago I kept doing imouto/age-wise younger characters, that image is very strong, and within the producer himself, he thought that the voice has the possibility of becoming the Japanese’s national imouto…

Kaika: Oh~ I see I see. So, she took a 9-yr break from voice-acting; is it possible for her to share with us why she decided to take a break and such a long break?

Tange: In the Seiyuu industry it was considered a break, but I have continued to work in a line that express with the voice.

Tange: So it wasn’t that I did a full break off; Although it was mainly internet-based, I released CDs and did lives

Tange: And the eventual trigger was due to that offer from the manager responsible for Love Plus, he extended the offer of working together, and because of that I came back to the seiyuu industry. So at that time it was just right on the dot. 10 years.

Kaika: So is it possible to share with us, what exactly is it like to be a professional voice actor in Japan? Like what’s the social climate, and what’s the industry like.

Tange: Before, it was a rare job, and do you know a place called Seiyu? We were thought to be shop assistants from there lol. The kanji is different though.
So when I have to declare official documents, if I write “seiyuu” in the blank for occupation, the tax people will ask like “ are you hitting registers at supermarkets?”. There were episodes like that lol. (Though I think it must be the tax people’s sense of humour… how can they not recognize the different kanjis lol)

Kaika: So, out of so many characters she has voiced, which does she think has the most impact on her career?

Tange: Going by how well the series is known, I would think Card Captor Sakura. Everyone has very kindly watched it right? (two voices mix here and I can’t really make out) In an earlier questions where you asked if the genki character/voice is natural or acted, I haven’t really answered that. With age, the characters that are easy to portray changes along with time
Tange: Recently, tsundere is quite easy for me to do. Do you know of it?

Kaika: Can she do like a demonstration for us?

Tange: NO! (`^´)…. Uso~ <3 (I was lying to you)

Everyone: Hahahaaa xD

Kaika: Is it possible for her to use Sakura’s voice and do the chant Sakura always do before she release the cards?



And the interview ended with Sakura Tange reciting the ‘Hoshi Chant’ that Sakura always say before she releases the Hoshi Cards. Peggy and I were SO blown away by her voice acting ability! She was able to memorise the lines and get into the exact mood IMMEDIATELY *_* I wish I could let you guys hear it but I am not allowed to post the audio online so, Gomen na Minna >w<

There will be more interviews entry coming up as soon as they get approved ^_^. Look forward! Remember to comment and share this blog if you liked it!

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