Happy belated 3rd year anniversary to TCC!

Its hard to believe this blog has been around for a little more than 3 years. It's also hard to believe I've been cosplaying for even longer! Where did all the time go?!

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What started as a whimsical decision to share my cosplay experience in a tangible form has since spanned into a Youtube channel, a blog and a facebook page (started by myself how glamorous-__-|||).

I won't lie, maintaining this blog, the YouTube channel, my own cosplays and life has pretty much caught me on a leash. I’m almost regretful to admit my personal life has somewhat taken a toll because so much time is dedicated to the activities above. I never get enough sleep and my friends are starting to forget me! *clings onto friends XD*  #foreveralone T_T

Sometimes I wonder why do I do this to myself?


Last week, I finally banked in my first cheque from Nuffnang. Nuffnang is a Blog advertising company based in Malaysia and they are responsible for the colourful ads you see on this blog. While the amount is … negligible (yeah, for something that has accumulated for 2 years, the sum is really not impressive), it did made me felt very happy. The simple pleasure of seeing something beneficial come out from all those late nights and hours alone behind the keyboard.

I mean yeah, I occasionally get selected to travel because of this blog or I get Media privileges because of this blog but since those trips often meant more late nights blogging. It can be a conflicting sort of love LOL.

Cut the sob story short, I just want to say Thank you =) The blog couldn’t have existed without any readers and thank you for clicking on the ads.

I also want to apologise for I know I have been neglecting both the Youtube channel & the blog and truth be told, I don’t know how long I can continue ploughing alone. Unless I become a fulltime blogger (which will be possible if I figure a way to pay all my bills and eat within $40/month haha), I can’t guarantee this blog will be maintained forever but I’ll try my best to make it useful and helpful for as long as it lasts =) ! Let’s all ganbatte!!

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