Update for Beauty Challenge 2012

Hi guys~ Here with a short reminder entry~ \^_^/

The Beauty Challenge Campaign 2012 is closing registration soon! The registration ends at 23rd November 2012 , 9pm.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Read my previous post about the Beauty Challenge here!

Also, Skinhub just told me they are giving away 20 complimentary spa treat for the first 20 who like them on Facebook Page via TheCosplayChronicles! All you need to do is to PM them your name, contact number and address.

If I’m not wrong, that means the 20 of you only have to fight with erm, the other readers of TCC and not the readers of the other 9 bloggers! Significantly higher chance yeah Open-mouthed smile?

The first selection happened yesterday, I wonder if any of you went Open-mouthed smile?

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