Kipi Cosplay Photography as AkikoLoid

Kipi Cosplay Photography as AkikoLoid Gallery

Well finally i can post more of Kipi Cosplay Photography XD its been long time i am not post Kipi Cosplay Photography on this Blog, this time she cosplaying as One of character from Other Vocaloid, her name is AkikoLoid, actually i dont know much about this OtherVocaloid but i think this is Rock/Metal version of Vocaloid, on the first Kipi Cosplay picture we can see hows fits Kipi with AkikoLoid Chan character (since there is AkikoLoid poster there ^^) about Kipi Cosplay costume i think that was made close enough with AkikoLoid's Costume, and nothing much i wanna say about the photography aspect on this Kipi Cosplay photo, well i got this Kipi Cosplay Photography from Cosrain, its sweet Kipi Cosplay Photography.

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