Maid Cosplay Photography by Misa

Finally i got more Maid Cosplay Photography by Misa, well actually I've posted Maid Cosplay Photography by Misa before, but only a few photos and now i got more of her cosplay photo with her maid costume ^^ Misa is a cute coser and that maid costume make her even more cuter and sexier with her provocative pose :P, i don't know if Sena Kashiwazaki ever wearing that maid cloth on anime.

Maid Cosplay Photography by Misa Gallery

One Extra Maid Cosplay photo by Misa, wait!..that is not maid cosplay photo its carton girls :O they all are amazing with their pose ~I love that <3, i just wondering, is that pinky chainsaw really works?

well that all, in some cosplay photography Misa look very pretty, inocent and calm (like on this Toujo Aya Cosplay Photography), and in other cosplay photography she look so cheerfull and cute, and in this Maid Cosplay Photography, she look so hot with her provocative pose ^^, i got this Sena Kashiwazaki Cosplay photography from Misa's facebook fanspage, awesome Cosplay Photography by Misa.

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